IGNITE, The World's Fastest Sports Fuel. FAST MATTERS

IGNITE was formulated to rapidly provide energy-enhancing nutrients so that an athlete can conveniently take on fuel through micro-dosing during their training and in competition.

 Like our first product, ENDURE, IGNITE uses our patented oral aerosol technology to rapidly deliver atomized nutrients to athletes. When you're competing, FAST MATTERS.

Ignite delivers:

A fuel mixture of fast-acting and slow-acting Carbs - B vitamins - Caffeine - Electrolytes.



If you sweat, you need ENDURE fast. FAST MATTERS

As athletes fully exert themselves in training and competitions, they can lose 1000mg of sodium PER HOUR. Endure is designed to close this sodium gap fast.



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BOA's products use our proprietary OraBlast technology to rapidly deliver nutrients that aid optimal sports performance. Hydrate and Fuel up to 10 times faster with BOA.



ENDURE delivers 150mg of sodium per serving in 25 and 50-serving cans.

IGNITE delivers carbs, B vitamins, caffeine and electrolytes in 20 and 40-serving cans.



Designed to be quickly deployed during training or competition, all you need to do is grab a can of BOA and take a two-second blast. No more biting, tearing or dipping.



Our scientists have developed Berry and Citrus-flavored blends in ENDURE and IGNITE that tastes great with no aftertaste. No more gutting down harsh substances to fuel your nutrition.


The Comparison.

One serving of BOA ENDURE contains 150 mg of sodium. That's roughly the same amount in a 12oz bottle of your favorite isotonic beverage. Our smallest 2oz can has 3,750mg of sodium, the equivalent of 24 bottles. You do the math.

"BOA's ENDURE is a real game-changer. In my view, every athlete - from Olympian to Ironman to amateur sports - should be using it."

— Olympian Ryan Bolton

"BOA fills a huge void in the Sports Nutrition world."

— Susan Kitchen, Registered dietitian, board certified sports nutritionist, a USA Triathlon Level II and IRONMAN certified endurance coach, and a lifelong endurance athlete.

Athletes need sodium.

If you're an athlete, you need more sodium because it's lost while exerting and sweating. If you lose too much sodium too rapidly, your performance will suffer because sodium is a critical ingredient in hydration.

The sodium gap is real.

When you drink your favorite isotonic beverage, you'll feel the effects of the nutrients in about 30-60 minutes on average. And because the amount of sodium is limited by the amount of fluids, you can fall behind and not be able to keep up with the sodium gap. BOA ENDURE is rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing the fluids consumed from your hydration strategy to get pulled into your cells and muscles much faster.

What Athletes are Saying

Keeps me in the game

I trust Endure to make the 90th minute feel like the first minute.

— Christian Torres, LAFC, U-20 Mexican National Team

I've never seen anything like it

I’ve seen every kind of supplement under the sun, but I have never seen anything like BOA. I bike with BOA, I run with BOA, and I always have it near me.

— Hunter McIntyre, 8x Obstacle Course Racing World Champion

So easy to use

"BOA is so easy to use, I just took blasts throughout the race (World's Toughest Mudder) and didn’t even have to break stride. I’m not participating in any endurance events without BOA."

— Katie Knight, 2021 World's Toughest Mudder Champion, Spartan Ultra Champion