The Science Behind BOA

The Science Behind BOA

 BOA Aerosol Blast is a unique product that promises to change the game in how athletes
fuel their bodies before, during, and after competition. This product takes advantage of
an innovative aerosol delivery method to replenish the electrolytes lost during athletic
competition. By using an aerosol device to bypass the need for gastrointestinal absorption,
BOA Aerosol Blast efficiently and effectively delivers the necessary electrolytes
to optimize athletic performance.

Electrolyte loss starts as soon as an athlete begins to sweat and lose fluids. Keeping up
with these electrolyte losses is essential to maintaining performance. However, during
exercise, athletes can lose up to 3 liters of fluid per hour. (Davis et al) Commercial sport
drinks often fall short of replacing the electrolytes necessary for sustaining performance
level (Ayotte and Corcoran 2018). Attempted repletion of electrolytes through gastrointestinal
absorption during performance is both slower and fraught with side effects
such as bloating and gastrointestinal upset. (Parmar) Blood flow to the kidney decreases
during exercise and urine output drops, limiting the body’s ability compensate for overhydration
as well. (Zambreski) Post-exercise, large boluses of fluid can alternatively
lead to increased urine production, in turn requiring large volumes of fluid to restore
electrolyte balance. (Kovacs)

The BOA Aerosol Blast product suspends necessary electrolytes with oxygen molecules
to facilitate delivery of electrolytes through transmucosal absorption, thereby avoiding
the side effects that can be common with alternative means of electrolyte delivery.
Transmucosal absorption takes advantage of the highly vascularized and permeable
buccal and sublingual mucosa to bypass gastrointestinal absorption and hepatic metabolism.
(Narang) Medications delivered via transmucosal absorption have significantly
higher bioavailability and shorter time to maximum plasma concentration. Medications
are absorbed 3-10 times faster compared to oral ingestion and reach maximum levels in
minutes compared to hours – a vital difference for an athlete actively exerting him/herself.
This delivery method already has evidence to support increased absorption of important
vitamins such as Vitamin D, (Sarati) and now this same technology can be used
as part of an electrolyte replacement plan.

The concentration of sodium and chloride in sweat increases as the rate of sweating
increases, emphasizing the need for efficient repletion of these electrolytes particularly
during intense bouts of exercise. (ACSM). However, simply replacing sweat losses with
water or sodium alone is not enough. Sweat is composed of both sodium as well as
potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride. (ACSM) The BOA Aerosol Blast product
has a unique blend of electrolytes and minerals designed to replete not just the sodium
lost during exercise but these other important factors as well. For example, magnesium
plays an important role in skeletal muscle contraction, and turnover of magnesium
increases with physical activity. Acute repletion of magnesium has been associated
with improved strength performance, and the Aerosol Blast products (PERFORM and
ENDURE) provide magnesium repletion with each spray. (Kass) In an athlete population
seeking every
BOA Aerosol Blast, continued…
possible edge for performance optimization, replacement of all electrolytes lost during
exercise – not just sodium - is key.

Personalized hydration plans have been shown to improve power, awareness, and postexercise
heart rate recovery in athletes (Ayotte and Corcoran 2018), and the BOA products
can play a critical role in the hydration plan for athletes of all levels. Not only does
the Aerosol Blast avoid the pairing of these electrolytes with sugar-laden beverages requiring
gastrointestinal absorption, but the use of oxygen as a vector for delivery of
these electrolytes carries its own benefit as well. Inhalation of hyperoxic air has been
shown to enhance reaction time and cognitive processing. (Chung et al) This can help
to counteract the performance decrement that has been shown to occur with even mild

In summary, these BOA Aerosol Blast products are designed to help an athlete achieve
and maintain optimal performance, and their unique configurations are designed to give
the athlete an extra edge where other sports beverages and electrolyte replacement products
fall short. Rapid transmucosal absorption, oxygen molecules as both a method of
delivery and performance booster, and a unique formulation of multiple, necessary electrolytes
all ensure that the Aerosol Blast products have the potential to revolutionize the
way athletes hydrate, perform, and recover.

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