Triathlete Breaks Record Using BOA ENDURE

Triathlete Breaks Record Using BOA ENDURE

Hein Pretorious on using BOA ENDURE: 

BOA Endure was a critical part of my hydration plan in my first race of 2021, the European Championship in Denmark.  As the temperature was mild and humidity around 75%, I only used it once on the bike, about 45 minutes in, as the hydration in my bottles would suffice the rest of the way.  It was super easy to get a 2-second shot into my mouth, and the berry flavor is pleasant, not sweet, and not sticky. But it was during the runs where the magic really happened.

BOA was easy to take along as I would simply store the BOA in my tri suit leg pocket, and it was the only thing I carried with me on my run. Incorporating BOA into my race hydration plan proved to be effortless. About 300m from the aid station, I took a 2-second blast so that it would sit in my mouth for a bit. At the aid station, I took a mix of water and Gatorade.

The effect was incredible.  I ran the best race to date without significant dehydration and no cramping, taking 26 minutes off my previous best time.  BOA Endure is a game-changer and will be my "best friend" and secret weapon moving forward!

Hein is an avid participant in triathlons in his spare time and participated in the 2019 World Championships in Nice. He has also qualified for the 2021 World Championship in St. George, Utah.

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