IRONMAN Athlete loses extreme amount of sodium, uses BOA ENDURE to help her finish

IRONMAN Athlete loses extreme amount of sodium, uses BOA ENDURE to help her finish

The great thing about this product, is once a cramp comes on, you can blast and get immediate relief!!


I am an endurance athlete and IRONMAN competitor. I also have severe GI issues when running, I looked to my endurance and nutrition coach, Susan Kitchen, to help facilitate a remedy.  She worked very diligently on trying to find the reasons for my GI distress and we scheduled a sweat test to measure my sodium loss during exercise. The sweat test confirmed that I was a very salty sweater - losing approximately 2 days’ worth of sodium per each hour of running!  Due to my preexisting GI issues, she felt the best way to combat my sodium loss without causing GI issues was via BOA as it bypasses the gut.

We started training with BOA Endure, using a 150mg blast every 30 minutes on the bike and run.  

A few months ago, I competed in the MiTi full distance IRONMAN and finished 22nd overall (1st in my age group). I felt that BOA Endure kept my sodium levels sufficient to support adequate hydration (it's almost impossible for me to completely replace what I lose as I'm a severe case) which kept GI distress at bay. Personally, I love the concept and feel it is a great product.  

Six weeks later, I completed another IRONMAN shaving 25 minutes off my personal record! 

I felt much better upon finishing and seem to have more energy while training and racing. One thing I know for sure, BOA allows me to finish faster, saving time with no porta potty visits!!

- Sandy S. Luxemburg, Wisconsin

Sandy started running at the age of 30 and feels stronger and faster at 51! She's ran over a dozen marathons qualifying for the Boston marathon in every race.  Along the way, she experienced a few injuries due to lack of nutrition, strength training, and proper hydration; therefore, implemented biking and swimming into her regimen. That’s how her triathlon journey began, emerging from Sprint, to Olympic, to Half, to the Full distance.

"I love the feeling of knowing I can push through anything and for every issue there is a remedy! Every time I finish a race I have a huge feeling of gratefulness!! I'm very grateful for the companies that put their time and effort in to be someone’s 'remedy'! Grateful to be out there! Grateful for the people!"


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