One Can or 24 Bottles?

One Can or 24 Bottles?
One can vs. 24 bottles.

You’re in the last stretch of the race, the beginning of the fourth quarter, you have three more circuits to complete, and you need something to get you over that fatigue hump. Do you reach for an isotonic beverage? Well you could, but you probably won’t feel the benefits until long after you cross the finish line, after the game, or after your workout. Plus, 12 ounces of fluid sloshing around your stomach isn’t ideal for performing at the top of your game.

Enter BOA ENDURE. One 2-second blast delivers 150 mg of sodium through our proprietary OraBlastTM technology. To get that amount of sodium, you’d have to down an entire 12oz bottle of your favorite isotonic beverage. Do you really have time for that? Because of BOA’s unique delivery system, nutrients can enter your system 3-9 times faster than traditional delivery methods.

Dr. Dave Berkoff, Co-Director of the UNC Sports Medicine Institute Project discusses the importance of electrolyte replacement and BOA’s delivery system.

 “The proper replacement of electrolytes and fluids during and after activity is critical to an athlete's success. BOA’s proprietary delivery method has made supplementing electrolytes fast and easy. There is no other product on the market that uses this approach to electrolyte replacement and it will change how we approach supplementation in the future.” 

So the next time you find yourself running out of gas, ask yourself, “should I take a 2-second blast, or chug this bottle?”

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