The Importance of Sodium on Athlete Performance

The Importance of Sodium on Athlete Performance

Olympian Ryan Bolton, Nutritionist, Dietitian & Endurance coach Susan Kitchen, and BOA President & CEO Jon Pritchett host a session on the importance of sodium on athlete performance at the 2022 USA Triathlon Endurance Exchange

This year, the Endurance Exchange, sponsored by BOA was held digitally. BOA’s own advisory board members, Susan Kitchen & Ryan Bolton joined Jon Pritchett to host a discussion about the importance of sodium, the problem of the sodium gap, and how BOA Endure was created to solve that problem.

“We need sodium in our body to pull fluids into the bloodstream. Dehydration is the first cause of early fatigue in endurance sports, and being low in sodium contributes to dehydration. Sodium is the key electrolyte we must replace because it controls muscle contraction and fluid absorption.” 

“I saw a gap in the nutrition world for this product (BOA Endure). The sodium gap had not been filled both in delivery and in concentration. It’s just a gamechanger,” said Ryan. 

Both Ryan and Susan were involved early in the development of Endure and tested it with their athletes. 

“We got nothing but positive feedback and positive results. We saw less cramping, better hydration – it was kind of like a home run,” said Bolton.

Registration for the Endurance Exchange is still active and you can register here until May 1 to view BOA's session along all 80+ sessions.

Hosted by USA Triathlon, Endurance Exchange is the nation’s largest endurance sports conference. It is designed to grow, inspire and support the endurance sports industry and provide a forum where everyone within the multisport community can learn; share best practices, trends and innovations; network; and celebrate. It comprises three former USA Triathlon-hosted industry events: the USA Triathlon Race Director Summit, the Art and Science of Triathlon International Coaching Symposium and the Medical Multisport Conference.


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