How it Works

BOA is breakthrough technology. Its high-powered blast uses oxygen to propel atomized nutrients into your body. BOA’s Endure Blast replenishes sodium, which can help you hydrate up to ten times faster. When you’re competing or training at maximum output, and rapidly losing sodium, fast matters.

USA Triathlon Performance Coach Ryan Bolton on IGNITE BLAST

Ignite Blast allows athletes to micro-dose Carbs, Caffeine, B Vitamins and Electrolytes 10x faster


Our products are designed to be simply and quickly deployed during training or competition. All you need to do is grab a can of BOA and take a two-second blast. Just one hand. No more biting, tearing or dipping.


After a lot of work in the BOA lab with our flavor scientists, we've developed a sodium supplement that tastes great with no aftertaste. No more gutting down harsh, metallic substances to fill the sodium gap.


BOA Blast products feature proprietary OraBlast technology to rapidly deliver nutrients that aid in the delay of the onset of fatigue.* Hydrate up to 10 times faster with our new competition level sodium replacement blast, ENDURE.


BOA’s ENDURE product(our first) delivers 150mg of sodium per serving. In our smallest canister, we deliver 25 servings or 3,750mg of sodium. For comparison, an athlete would need to drink more than 23, 12-ounce bottles of the leading isotonic beverage in order to consume the same amount of sodium.

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