What constitutes a blast? 

A blast is a 2-second, continuous spray. One blast is equal to one serving. 

How do I use BOA Endure? 

Fully coat the inside of your mouth with a serving (approximately a 2-second blast), as needed, then swallow. 

How does BOA Endure work? 

BOA has developed a proprietary way, OraBlast technology, to use oxygen as the transportation engine to rapidly deliver nutrients. BOA Endure uses a novel system whereby oxygen is the compressed air that forces BOA’s unique mixture through a very small passageway - a valve - so that the molecules are atomized and then powerfully blasted into the mouth.  

How long does it take for BOA Endure to kick in? 

It is important to note that every athlete’s physiology is different. BOA’s ENDURE is rapidly absorbed by the body. Based on a significant amount of peer-reviewed studies and published scientific evidence, electrolytes can be absorbed rapidly by the human body in ways very similar to BOA’s OraBlast technology. According to these studies, such electrolytes can be absorbed up to ten times faster than through normal gastrointestinal absorption. 

When is the best time to take BOA Endure when working out or training? 

BOA Endure is designed to be used as you’re in full exertion mode and losing nutrients while training or competing.  

Can BOA Endure be used by all athletes? 

No matter the sport, no matter the level, all athletes can use BOA Endure while they’re fully exerting and sweating. 

Do you have to be a certain age to use BOA Endure? 

Keep out of the reach of children. Athletes under the age of 18 years old should have adult supervision while using BOA Endure. 

How does BOA Endure work in conjunction with other hydration/ electrolyte products? 

Every athlete needs a hydration strategy and should be staying hydrated by whatever their choice is. BOA Endure is designed to make your strategy work better by making sodium levels increase rapidly. 

Is there a limit to how many blasts you should take at a time? 

The recommendation is a 2-second blast/serving. Take as needed based on your own hydration, nutritional and training regiments and individual physiology. 

How can I integrate BOA Endure into my training regiment? 

As athletes fully exert themselves in training and competitions, they lose sodium. Endure is designed to close this sodium gap rapidly. While preparing for your next event, whether it’s a marathon, triathlon or other event, incorporate BOA into your regular regimen, to get you back into the game fast on race day. 

Does BOA Endure have any sport certifications?

BOA Nutrition, Inc wants athletes to have the utmost confidence that any sport product it produces be considered safe for anti-doping purposes in any competition anywhere in the world.  BOA is currently seeking sport certification for BOA Endure as part of its manufacturing process and expects this certification process to be completed by the time product begins shipping in mid-November.

Is there an active duty military discount?

BOA is commited to human optimization and to helping athletes be their very best. There is no athlete more important than the one who serves his/her nation by actively defending their country. As a show of our appreciation, all active duty members of the military receive a 20% discount. To receive your discount, please email contact@boablast.com.

Can I use BOA ENDURE if I have high blood pressure? 

BOA Nutrition products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not approved drug products. Individuals with high blood pressure should consult their physicians for medical advice and treatment.