BOA Ignite Blast

IGNITE was formulated to rapidly provide energy-enhancing nutrients so that an athlete can conveniently take on fuel through micro-dosing during their training and in competition.


Like our first product, ENDURE, IGNITE uses our patented oral aerosol technology to rapidly deliver atomized nutrients to athletes.

Ignite delivers:

A fuel mixture of fast-acting and slow-acting carbs

B vitamins



USA Triathlon Performance Coach Ryan Bolton on IGNITE BLAST

“I’ve been really impressed with Endure and I am excited to be working with a company that is innovating and bringing new thinking and technology into the sport.”

Daniel Dixon, Super League Triathlon competitor, Silver Medalist in the U23 European Championships, and one of the top triathletes in the U.K.

"The rapid absorption that IGNITE can provide in sprint and Olympic distance races on the run means it will now be possible to get meaningful electrolyte and energy hits that gels and other products can’t deliver. That could be game-changing in terms of performance”

Sian Rainsley, Super League Triathlon Competitor and #8 ranked in the world.

“As an athlete with Crohn’s disease, I must be super careful about what I use to avoid GI issues. BOA’s oral aerosol delivery system and resulting point of absorption should help mitigate some of the issues that can occur for me with some products and ultimately help my performance.”

Backed by Research

Ignite was developed in conjunction with sports medicine professionals, nutritionists, coaches, and elite athletes with a goal of helping you jump start your metabolic engine so you can finish strong.