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We're thrilled to be the Official Endurance Salt of IRONMAN United States Series and Official Endurance Salt of IRONMAN World Championship. We want you to be able to train and race with BOA, so we're offering an exclusive 25% discount to all IRONMAN triathletes when you use code IRONMAN25 at checkout.

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As athletes fully exert themselves in training and competitions, they lose sodium. Endure is designed to close this sodium gap rapidly. While preparing for your next event incorporate BOA into your regular regimen to get you back competing fast.

150mg of sodium per blast (serving)

25 servings in our smallest can

Convenient portable design

"BOA Endure Blast has made a big difference in my performance and preparation.

Knowing that I have the protection that Endure Blast provides to keep me fully hydrated through all three phases of and IRONMAN triathlon takes my confidence to an even higher level."


Top US Triathlete, IRONMAN Champion

What is BOA?

BOA is breakthrough technology. Its high-powered blast uses oxygen to propel atomized nutrients into your body allowing for maximum hydration and maximum performance.


Designed to be quickly deployed during training or competition, all you need to do is grab a can of BOA and take a two-second blast. No more biting, tearing or dipping.


ENDURE delivers 150mg of sodium per serving. Our smallest can delivers 25 servings. You would need to drink more than 23, 12oz bottles of the leading isotonic beverage to get the same amount of sodium.


Our scientist have developed a sodium supplement that tastes great with no aftertaste. No more gutting down harsh substances to fill the sodium gap.


BOA's products use our proprietary OraBlast technology to rapidly deliver nutrients that aid in the delay of the onset of fatigue.* Hydrate up to 10 times faster with ENDURE.

"BOA's ENDURE is a real game-changer. In my view, every athlete - from Olympian to IRONMAN to amateur sports - should be using it."
- Ryan Bolton, Olympian

"BOA fills a huge void in the Sports Nutrition world."

- Susan Kitchen, Registered dietitian, board certified sports nutritionist, a USA Triathlon Level II and IRONMAN certified endurance coach